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Tropical Salesmen Meets Big Apple Weather

To sell tropical produce, it makes sense to have tropical salesmen. Take Franky and Yoli for example, Franky originally from Miami, and Yoli originally from Colombia have grown up in a tropical environment all their life, including a diet with tropical fruits and vegetables. However, they may not be the perfect match for NY weather. As Franky always mentions, "I'd rather be sweating than having to wear a sweater". Nonetheless, that did not stop the sales duo from taking a bite into the Big Apple and making the Congo presence known.

Take a look at the photos from their trip in late 2022 to the NY produce Show:

Lauren Contreras, Chris Jacobsen, Zac Lissauer, Franky Verdecia and Yoli Santacruz at a Katzman Rooftop Happyhour
Lauren Contreras, Chris Jacobsen, Zac Lissauer from Silo Techonologies with Franky Verdecia and Yoli Santacruz at a Katzman Rooftop Happy Hour

From Left to Right: Omar Palos from Sweet Season's Maryland; Luis Vega, Adrian Capote & Jessie Capote from J&C Tropicals; Jackie Carrillo, Brenda Covarrubia, Sandra Longoria & Giovanni Sanchez from Sicar Farms; AJ from Raja Foods and Vegetables; Scott Canneto from Frank Donio, Inc; Paul Manfre from....well you know, the one and only; And Eddy Tirado from S. Katzman Produce, Rene De la Cruz from Keyfoods, Kelvin from S. Katzman Produce and Omar from Seabras Market.

And of course, Yoli and Franky and to take one last stroll through the city before going back to the sunshine state.

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