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It’s NOT formosa. It’s NOT tainung. It’s NOT maradol.... It’s the HAWAIIAN BIG PAPAYA!

The Hawaiian Big Papaya is a unique hybrid that is grown, harvested, and packaged particular to the grower that makes it the best papaya in the market.

With the best packaging and presentation and longest shelf life, it is the only one that reaches an impressive sweetness with just 25-30 percent of coloration...The Hawaiian Big arrived at our market, with the purpose of conquering our homes.

For Distributors and Retailers: letting the fruit lose green color in the skin will risk a premature fungal rotting. Fruit is ripe, ready to eat with only 20-25% coloration (yellow skin).

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1 Comment

Pisang Coklat
Pisang Coklat
Jul 10, 2022

This article is very interesting, you can find another article in this link

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